How much more money does racing want?

The Sun ran a story on Oct. 20 in which Maryland Jockey Club president and CEO Tom Chuckas said "It's just the economic reality that if we are unsuccessful in our efforts to defeat Question A [the bill that would allow slots at Arundel Mills], the Bowie Training Center will close, Laurel Park will close and what will be left is a 40-day meet wrapped around the Preakness at Pimlico. We are in serious trouble."

On Oct. 21, we read "Casino makes $2 million in four days." Of that $2 million, $145,308.70 went to the horse racing purse account and $51,895.96 went to the racetrack facility renewal account. That's $196,203.96 to Maryland racing. In just four days!

Perhaps if the Maryland Jockey Club would stop opposing the Arundel Mills location, after not being able to meet the requirements during the initial bidding, Maryland racing, in addition to education and the other parties involved, would be a lot better off financially.

Yet Frank Stronach, chairman of MJC's parent company, has a proposed a "Quad Superfecta" on Saturday afternoons that would pay a guaranteed $10 million to the winning ticket holder. I must be missing something. Or the Maryland Jockey Club is.

In addition, if Question A is passed and what's left of Maryland racing cuts back to 40 days, do they still get as much of the revenue sharing they get now?

David Gosey, Towson

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