Kratovil is an independent voice

In a year of anti-incumbency fever, I urge voters to vote with their minds rather than a gut reaction. Congressman Frank Kratovil has consistently shown that he is responsive to the needs of his constituents, even if it means bucking the party line and taking political risks. Quite the opposite of a Beltway insider, he has demonstrated a courageous independence and has assessed issues on merit rather than doctrine.

Most important, he does not support a flat tax (i.e., Andy Harris' proposal for a 23 percent national sales tax), an approach that not only is considered economically unfeasible but runs counter to any sense of a social compact that the framers of the Constitution envisioned. Congressman Kratovil supports all his constituents, not the wealthiest 2 percent who stand to gain from Andy Harris' proposal.

Henry Reiff, Westminster

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