Don't demolish abandoned houses

One of Baltimore's most well known features is its many historic rowhouses that line its neighborhoods. The countless row houses in the city are made up of different architectural design and many are 100 years old or older. After reading the recent article "Abandoned firetraps" (Oct. 19) I have become very concerned about the need to preserve them

I have been through many of these neighbors where I have seen this sad neglect and boarded up vacant homes or many lived in that need work. Safety is an issue, but demolition is the wrong answer. Why is it the first thing people think of when an old building is in a state of disrepair is to tear it down?

These neighborhoods should be revitalized and these fine old buildings renovated with new life in them again. Instead of spending money on new development, preserve, save and reuse what is already standing in front of you. Not only will it cut costs, it will bring back homes and family living in these neighborhoods, and at the same time preserve Baltimore's historic architecture.

Veronica Salisbury, Odenton

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