Democrats don't deserve all the blame

Peter Morici writes that "Democrats deserve to lose Congress" (Oct. 19)? Please, Mr. Morici, your column contains too many startling oversimplifications. China entered the World Trade Organization while Bill Clinton was president, but with support — or pressure — from many large corporations that then outsourced thousands of jobs to lower paid workers. Their loyalty was to profits, not American workers.

Deregulation of the financial markets and an unnecessary war that was fought on credit are the main causes of our current predicament. Gambling with other people's money was a way for the top 1 percent in finance and banking to make big bucks — the glory of American capitalism. But the larger picture is that naïve, uninformed American citizens have been encouraged to think they can live an unsustainable lifestyle without having to recognize realities.

Mr. Morici writes, "The Republicans are thin on plans to harness government spending, fix the banks, and improve trade with China." You bet they are.

Martha Little, Baltimore

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