Blame the legislature, not Ehrlich, for acrimony

Julie Bykowicz completely gets it wrong in her article "Would it be different this time?" (Oct. 16.) Rather than addressing the very egregious, partisan and unstatesmanlike conduct of ranking Democratic leadership, she questions whether former Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. could overcome the acrimony he experienced in his first term of office if he is reelected.

By examining key issues negatively impacting our state and its economy — energy deregulation, unfunded and unconstitutional education mandates, increased taxes and spending, inept administration of slots, unemployment and illegal immigration, one would have to place blame squarely on the shoulders of the Democratic majority that is responsible. Are Marylanders better off now than they were four years ago?

A more appropriate and timely question would be, "Can Marylanders withstand four more years of the same failed economic policies, if Governor O'Malley is reelected"? The answer seems obvious!

Terry Klima, Perry Hall

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