Ehrlich's illegal immigrant metaphor is right on

In his commentary "Pro-immigrant is pro-business" (Oct. 17), Dan Rodricks is making a mockery of federal and local law enforcement efforts to curtail the flow of illegal immigrants across our nation's borders. Former Maryland Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr.'s argument "if someone breaks into my house, is that a new member of my family that night?" is valid and spot on.

I may be only a middle income, registered Democrat and federal civil servant, but I recognize the fact that Governor Ehrlich is demanding that we respect the efforts of our federal and state law enforcement officials who are attempting to mitigate the dramatic flow of illegal immigrants into our nation and state!

Noted American historian David Victor Hanson wrote earlier this summer: "For most of our history, illegal immigration was not a problem of the present magnitude, and the country had confidence that it could enforce its borders when it wished to. What has changed is not the terrain, or the reality that many wish to enter illegally but our attitudes about such fundamental issues as the rule of law, national sovereignty and assimilation." And, if Governor Ehrlich had the time during the last debate, he probably would have made a similar claim.

Yes, Mr. Rodricks, some of us believe in the rule of law, national sovereignty, and assimilation. And what is wrong with that? Mr. Rodricks' further assertion that we should overlook the rule of law for the added tax benefit is beyond belief. Also, conspicuously absent in Mr. Rodricks' article was any reference to the thousands of illegal aliens who commit crimes or the mounting cost of incarcerating them, which according to Mr. Hanson, is nearing $1 billion a year in the state of California.

And, during these trying times, why is the Frederick County Sheriff's Office the only local law enforcement agency in the Old Line State that holds a memorandum of agreement with the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), in which ICE delegates trained, certified, and authorized Frederick County sheriff's office personnel to perform immigration enforcement functions? If Gov. Martin O'Malley supports the Obama Administration efforts on illegal immigration, why doesn't the current governor use his authority and mandate other state and local law enforcement agencies follow Frederick County's lead?

Why do Governor O'Malley (with his "new Americans" cliché) and Dan Rodricks want veritable open borders? Like Mr. Hanson maintains, it is in hope that it will result in more Democratic constituents, who in turn will ultimately increase their polling numbers; more recipients of federal largess; and more government workers to dispense it — and increase the number of (federal) jobs to help boost Governor O'Malley's new jobs figures. Yes, Mr. Hanson is correct, "this is in line with a postmodern sense that sovereignty is passé and commitment to principle is as mundane as obedience to the law."

Yes, there are those of us that have called Maryland home for several decades, and like a large majority of Americans people, of all races, oppose illegal immigration for reasons that have nothing to do with race or class, and simply want the borders enforced and our state more secure for our families. That is why I'll be spending my Thanksgiving and possibly Christmas along our nation's Southwest border, leaving the family at home and protecting our citizenry like I have done before — supporting and defending the Constitution against all enemies — foreign and domestic.

Jeffrey Hardy, Annapolis

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