O'Malley's economic strategy: Cross your fingers

Regarding job growth in Maryland, it seems to me that Gov. Martin O'Malley's plan is to keep his fingers crossed and hope that federal money keeps flowing into the state. The strategy has worked before because Maryland is home to federal agencies and installations that have kept the funding spigot open wide. It has also allowed Mr. O'Malley and other demagogues to engage in class warfare and rail against "the rich" and "big corporations" because the feds will always keep Maryland afloat, right?

Wrong. The federal gravy train is slowing down. And the effect that a reduction in federal spending will have on our state will be jarring. Just as Maryland benefits more from federal funding than other states, we will suffer the most when spending is cut. Then what?

Former Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. has always understood that sustainable prosperity is based on low taxes and a regulatory environment that welcomes, rather than demonizes, employers and entrepreneurs. He understands that "the rich" sign workers' paychecks. He knows that business is not the enemy and that a growing business hires people, invests in the local economy and pays taxes.

Maryland needs a governor like Bob Ehrlich, who won't have to move up the learning curve when the looming federal cutbacks become reality.

Benny Walker, Lutherville

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