Obama has to appeal don't ask, don't tell ruling

I do not see the conundrum you present in your editorial "Don't ask, don't tell: Don't appeal" (Oct. 14). The Justice Department is entrusted to uphold the law. I oppose "don't ask, don't tell" and applaud Judge Virginia A. Phillips' injunction. However, we cannot manipulate the process, else the outcome will lack integrity.

At this time, the administration must appeal the decision. Let the Obama administration take a cue from Attorney General Doug Gansler. When in response to the Maryland Court of Appeals ruling on Deane and Polyak v. Conaway barring same-sex couples from legally marrying in Maryland, Mr. Gansler affirmed that it was proper law and that, because of this, the law needs to change.

The Justice Department can follow through as they should with a public comment of the desire to change the law that they must follow. I would think that the Obama administration wants to go down in history as one of integrity.

Lisa Ward, Havre de Grace

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