Ehrlich governed in tough times, too

Am I the only one in the state of Maryland who remembers the Glendening administration and the mess it left for Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. to clean up? Gov. Parris N. Glendening put us so far in debt that he earned the nickname of "Spendening."

Yes, Governor Ehrlich did have to raise some taxes and impose some fees, but we were so far in debt, we would never have gotten out of it. Governor Ehrlich balanced the budget, and he did it without furloughing workers, and he did it without raising our sales taxes, and he left office leaving the state with a huge surplus.

By the way, where is that surplus, and why are we in so much financial trouble?

Also, Gov. Martin O'Malley never did answer the question in Monday's debate as to whether he intends to raise taxes again. How soon we forget.

Mary J. Peisinger, Baltimore

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