Bartenfelder's right to put principle over party

This is in response to "Bartenfelder needs to start acting like a Democrat"(Readers respond, Oct. 14). I've known Joe Bartenfelder since our days at Towson State University, back in the mid-'70s, and though it may be infrequent, it's always a pleasure when our paths cross! I'm at the opposite end of the political arena; there's no agenda here, and Joe's not the kind of guy that needs me or anyone else to vouch for him. This commentary is generated purely out of my respect for him and for knowing him as a decent, hard-working, ethical man.

In respect to Brian Bailey's comments, I realize that unity within the party translates to strength and hopefully victory on election night, but too many politicians have put their party ahead of the interests of the people they serve!

I've always felt that Mr. Bartenfelder was like a breath of fresh air in that stale political climate. I don't speak for him, but maybe, like me, he saw Kevin Kamenetz's TV ads, during the primary campaign as an affront to his personal integrity and a misrepresentation of his political career. I've always seen Mr. Bartenfelder as someone who has faithfully kept the best interests of the people in Baltimore County as his primary concern. I admire him for taking the high-road with his ads during the campaign.

Who could blame him for being hesitant to play ball on Mr. Kamenetz's team?

Mr. Bartenfelder has been involved in the Democratic Party his entire life. Apparently Mr. Bailey's thinking falls short of grasping that this isn't about feelings getting hurt or doing what is right for the Democratic Party. This is about principles that transcend political agendas and party lines. What's to be gained by airing petty squabbles and calling Mr. Bartenfelder out on the carpet in the newspaper?

Maybe the interests of the Democratic party in Baltimore County would be better served if Mr. Bailey admonished Kevin Kamenetz for trying to malign a fellow Democrat during the primary, especially a decent guy like Joe Bartenfelder! Joe, fight the good fight, and keep up the good work!

Bill Windham, White Hall

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