O'Malley's right on Arundel Mills slots

I believe Gov. Martin O'Malley is right when he said, "I don't think we should be bullied into accepting slots at the mall." He understands the history of this debate when it started over two years ago. He knows about the bullying tactics that the Cordish Cos. used to silence or at least drown out the voices coming from the communities surrounding Arundel Mills. He knows and sympathizes with the efforts that these communities have gone through to make this a major issue in Anne Arundel County.

The communities' efforts have either failed or been opposed at every step of the way with the large financial resources of David Cordish.

He bused people (and promised them meals) to attend the County Council debate on the zoning bill and the final vote and had them wear their green shirts and hold up signs so that nobody from our neighborhood could be seen by our County Council members. Mr. Cordish has done everything in his power to try to bully and intimidate us.

As far as the Maryland Jockey Club and Penn National goes, the opposition to the zoning bill happened long before they got involved. If it wasn't for their financial backing, the real bullies would have gotten away with their scare tactics, and nobody would have known. The real victims would've been not only our communities but other communities in Anne Arundel County. Mr. Cordish would've successfully silenced the Hanover communities' voice, and the problem of businesses successfully silencing communities would've gone unnoticed.

Chung Shek, Hanover

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