Slots aren't Arundel Mills' problem

There is so much talk about not taking children to Arundel Mills Mall if slots are there. We took my 27-year-old son who is a missionary in the Ukraine to the mall. As soon as we stepped on the curb, we heard terrible yelling and swearing. It was not a customer or teen! It was the security guard who had parked his Segway between the doors in the food court and was outside using loud and extremely foul language.

It bothered me, not only for our family, but those with children coming behind.

We've gone to the slots in Atlantic City on bus trips. Those going are senior citizens. None of them could be found yelling and cursing like this security guard!

As long as the casino is on separate ground, hopefully with the security that's already in place (minus this foul-mouthed security guard) there shouldn't be problems.

Nancy Hallock

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