Angry Americans want responsible government

Dan Rodricks wonders why Americans are angry and what they want ("Angry Americans: What do you want?" Oct. 5). They want responsible government that addresses are nation's debt, energy, entitlement and immigration issues. They do not want a government that has time to bring comedians to Washington to testify on the issues of the day. They do not want to subside their neighbors cars (Cash for Clunkers, $8 billion) homes (mortgage assistance $75 billion) or healthcare (Obamacare $1 trillion).

They oppose the aforementioned government programs as income redistribution, which is not an American ideology. They want someone in government held accountable for the estimated $400 billion in losses at Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. They want all Americans to pay a fair tax, including the 47 percent who pay no income tax today.

They would prefer a small business tax cut over a bloated Obama stimulus package designed to reward unions and others partial to the Democratic party. They want a path to a balanced budget so we remain a sovereign nation and not an eventual surrogate of the Chinese and others who hold our national debt, a debt that is estimated to grow via $1 trillion annual budget deficits over the next nine years to a total debt of $21 trillion in 2020. They want a future where our children's tax dollars are not completely consumed by entitlements and interest on the debt created by the programs noted herein.

My question is, why isn't Mr. Rodricks angry at our government?

Randy J. Hart, Baltimore County

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