In debate, Harris acts like a child

I recently attended a debate between our congressman, Frank Kratovil, and his opponent, state Sen. Andy Harris. One would expect that all candidates would show respect when their opponent was talking.

But when Congressman Kratovil was speaking, Mr. Harris' face made all sorts of grimaces and was actually mocking Congressman Kratovil. The scene was a disgrace and an embarrassment to many attendees. Harris' actions were what might have been expected of a teenager.

Shame on you Mr. Harris. You represent politics at its worst. No wonder republicans in the state Senate don't support your extremist positions, which include a 23 percent federal sales tax on everything people purchase. Not just food, clothes, electricity and fuel. But also would include our next house purchase, our medical insurance, college tuition and our next vehicle.

And that's why I, now an independent, will be voting for Frank Kratovil. He is the perfect middle-of-the-road candidate who wants to fix what's wrong with Washington by bringing us together. Mr. Harris would tear this country apart with his absolutist positions, including letting the big banks and Wall Street continue the wrecking of the economy, which destroyed so many jobs.

Stephen Kay, Severna Park

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