Md. cell phone ban will do no good

I am writing in response to "Cell phone ban in effect" (Oct. 2). Citizens are going to continue disobeying the no cell phone use law since there is no one directly there to enforce it. There is going to be no ultimate end to this behavior, just like there has not been an end to texting while driving.

This law states that cell phones may be used for emergencies only, but who is to determine what is considered an emergency?

Having a passenger in the car is as much as a distraction as talking on the phone along with other issues such as eating, applying makeup, or simply changing the radio station. Although buying hand free devices is an excellent idea, most people will ignore this and go about their routine ways of communication since they believe they are not going to get caught.

There is more to dangerous driving than cell phone use.

Kyra Contomanolis, Bel Air

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