Andy Harris won't raise taxes

By now, we have all heard "independent" Rep. Frank Kratovil's nasty attack ad against state Sen. Andy Harris, implying that Mr. Harris is pushing hard to pass a 23 percent national sales tax. This is ridiculous!!

Mr. Harris has made it clear that he is dead set against raising taxes of any kind, and his voting record proves it. Please look it up for yourself. He has steadfastly voted against higher taxes for the past 12 years as a Maryland state senator. Mr. Harris has never even once voted to increase our taxes, nor will he. Has Frank Kratovil signed the Americans for Tax Reform's Taxpayer Protection Pledge? Andy Harris has, and we can expect that he will be true to his pledge to oppose any and all tax increases.

Now, Mr. Kratovil is a totally different story. Mr. Kratovil, in lockstep with the Pelosi/Reid team, has recently voted to pass a cap and trade energy bill which, according to The Wall Street Journal, is "the largest single tax increase" for the American family in the history of this country. Mr. Kratovil's giant tax hike is, of course, piled on top of your federal income taxes, payroll taxes, Social Security taxes, gift tax, inheritance tax, sales tax, etc.

Mr. Kratovil's voting record shows his true colors. He is a Pelosi/Reid tax-and-spend liberal who has just voted to give you the largest single tax increase ever.

And, recently, his fellow Democrats have also been talking about passing another big tax — a value added tax, which is the equivalent of one huge national sales tax. Who is the more likely Congressional candidate to vote for it?

Vote for Andy Harris, his voting record shows you can trust him with your hard earned tax money!

Dr. Jef Fernley, West Ocean City

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