Harris: the best congressman money can buy

In yesterday's mail I received a second piece of political propaganda in less than a week from Americans for Prosperity on behalf of Andy Harris, smearing Rep. Frank Kratovil and accusing him of "voting to spend nearly $2 million to study ants." I think it is criminal and destructive to our democracy that groups outside of our district and our state are spending so much money, attempting to influence our state and local elections. This kind of thing is not in the best interest of the citizens of the 1st District.

Andy Harris loses all credibility when he condones this dishonest, special interest propaganda, as opposed to honest debate, based on the facts surrounding current issues. With this kind of political propaganda, Mr. Harris' campaign reduces itself to fear mongering and extremism.

By the way, Americans for Prosperity is a phony "grassroots" organization founded by David Koch of Koch Industries. The Koch Family Foundations provide grant funding to Americans for Prosperity. Ranked 19th on Forbes magazine's 2009 list of the world's billionaires, Mr. Koch is attempting to control how each of us in Maryland's 1st District votes. Tell me this isn't the best government money can buy!

Carole A. Curtis, Easton

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