Memo to The Sun: There's more in the world than the Ravens

There are nearly 7 billion people on the earth, and each has a story. There are almost 200 countries on earth, and each nation has daily events taking place that shape the lives of its citizens. There over 300 million people in the U.S., over 51/2 million in Maryland, and over 21/2 million in the Baltimore metropolitan area. Each person has something important affecting their lives and the lives of their families and neighbors.

Every second we are on this planet there is there war and disease, triumph and sorrow, life and death, destruction and beauty, scientific discovery and social unrest, species fighting for survival and delicate environment striving for balance.


But if someone were to look at the cover of The Baltimore Sun on any given day, they would think that roughly half of what happens on this great planet is related to the Baltimore Ravens.

Week after week it gets worse. The news content of the paper gets thinner, and the space devoted to sports gets thicker. Could it be that the entire world has finally stopped generating events of any importance compared to the fascination of a group of grown men playing with a ball?


On how many Mondays can someone actually read the quote: "We played a really tough game and we gave it 110 percent" as a follow-up to Friday's novel quote, "It's going to be a really tough game and we'll have to give 110 percent."

Yes, as the local pro football team is important to many people. But think about it, anyone who cares enough about the Ravens to think that the team should be on the front page of the paper each day has probably already spent the week preparing for that week's game by talking about it with their friends and neighbors. They've spent the weekend watching the game in person, on TV or getting updates from the TV news. And come Monday they have fully deconstructed that game with co-workers, chatting online or listening to sports talk radio.

Of course there is a place for sports. It's called the Sports section. If the team is wins the Superbowl, sure, that is big local news, give them the front page. But a story about some people renting a bus to go to an away game on the front page? Seriously?

Come on Sunpaper. Take the lead and help Maryland understand there is a whole world out there beyond the stadium.

By the way, as this is Ravens related, I expect to see it on the front page. Above the fold if possible.

Robb Preis, Ellicott City