Help available for students who need glasses

We read with interest the article on the Abell Foundation report, "Why Can't Johnny Read," which The Sun wrote about on Monday ("Testing of kids' eyesight faulted," Sept. 27) The Baltimore City Medical Society (BCMS) Foundation, established by Baltimore physicians in 1972, learned of the possible correlation between students' undetected eyesight problems and low academic performance while conducting educational programs in elementary and middle schools. Three years ago, the BCMS Foundation was pleased to secure funding to assist elementary and middle school students with the purchase of eyeglasses.

Also during this time, through the generosity of some of our ophthalmologist members, we have, on occasion, provided comprehensive eye examinations for students at no charge to the parents. Although our resources are limited, BCMS Foundation will continue to offer assistance to parents/guardians in need of funds to purchase eyeglasses for their children.

Dr. Tyler Cymet, Owings Mills

The writer is president of the Baltimore City Medical Society Foundation.

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