Wrong sentence for dog killer

I have never written a response to any article in the paper, but I could not let the article "Help the SPCA is rejecting" (Sept. 22) go by without my two cents. The more I read this article about a man charged with killing a dog being sent to do community service at an animal shelter, the madder I got.

First of all, where does defense attorney Alan Cohen get off saying that in a perfect world, he would like the case to be dismissed? This is totally outrageous! Why in the world would it be OK to let a man off for beating a poor defenseless animal the way he did? How can one possibly think that this is acceptable in any form? I don't care if the animal bit him and/or his wife — it was 10 pounds. He was over 250 pounds. Take the dog to the shelter — you don't try to beat it to death.

Giving this man a sentence to work at an animal shelter is about the dumbest thing anyone could have ever come up with. Do we sentence a man who beat his wife to a pulp to work at a women's shelter? Do we sentence a child molester to work with children? I can only shake my head, wondering where in the world these people left their brains at that day — they certainly were not using any part of them when making this decision.

Stephanie Jordan

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