Bartenfelder deserved better

Joe Bartenfelder deserved better then to have his career ended by a campaign full of mudslinging. For 28 years he has faithfully served the residents of his legislative and councilmanic districts. He served as an "average Joe" casting votes based on common sense, not party politics. Mr. Bartenfelder looked at both sides of every issue and did what was best for his constituents.

When it came to reforming the County Council's gold-plated pension plan, only Joe Bartenfelder supported a bill that would have capped his and his colleagues' benefits. Mr. Bartenfelder understood that it is unfair to ask police, teachers, firefighters and other county employees to make concessions while enjoying pension benefits for part-time council work that are more generous then those paid to full-time county employees.

Kevin Kamenetz passed a pension reform bill that capped pensions for future council members but exempted himself and his fellow council members. The Kamenetz bill also failed to address the loophole that allows a council member to double dip and accrue a second more lucrative pension if elected Baltimore County executive. As a result of Mr. Kamenetz's failure to pass real pension reform, he will be entitled to a pension of $108,000 per year for the rest of his life if he serves two terms as county executive. That's a potential $2.5 million liability funded by the property taxes paid by your children and grandchildren.

Make no mistake, Mr. Bartenfelder isn't perfect. No one is. As the Republican candidate for Baltimore County state's attorney, I support Ken Holt for Baltimore County executive because he is the right man to lead us through these difficult times. I just hate to see a decent man like Joe Bartenfelder leave public service covered in mud thrown by Mr. Kamenetz.

Steve Bailey, Towson

The writer is the Republican nominee for Baltimore County state's attorney.

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