Bad guys wear Yankee caps

It is a truism , born in Hollywood westerns, that the good guys wear white hats. Now from New York comes word that the bad guys prefer Yankee caps.

In the last 10 years more than 100 suspects or persons of interest in connection with serious crimes in New York wore Yankee apparel at the time of their crimes, arrests or arraignment. This report comes from The New York Times, the newspaper of record in the Yankees' hometown, which stated that when it came to clothing favored by the accused, "no other sports team comes close."

Many explanations of the link between Gotham caps and crime have been offered. The one that seems most likely is that the Yankees sell more baseball merchandise — some 25 percent of the market — than any other team in baseball.

We bring this up as the Yankees and their fans come to Camden Yards this weekend for the final three game series of the season against the Orioles. Despite this report linking headgear and lawlessness, we know that many of Yankee fans are law-abiding citizens.

The exception would be one named Jeffery Maier. What he did in New York during the 1996 American League Championship Series — leaning over the right field wall and snagging Derek Jeter's fly ball, thereby turning an out that would have be caught by Oriole outfielder Tony Tarasco into a game-tying home run — was a crime many of Orioles fans will never forget.

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