No excuses: Jessamy lost

As Don Meredith (former quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys and Monday Night Football analyst) used to say, "If ifs and buts were candy and nuts, we'd all have a Merry Christmas." Patricia Jessamy apologists complain that, but for Sheryl Lansey's entry into the race for Baltimore City state's attorney, Ms. Jessamy would have been re-elected ("3rd-place finisher doesn't mind being called a 'spoiler,'" Sept. 17).

Applying that dubious rationale, Bill Clinton would still be chasing skirts in Arkansas and Hillary Clinton would still be practicing law in Little Rock and making tons of money as an astute commodities trader if not for H. Ross Perot. Moreover, Martin O'Malley would still be a member of the Baltimore City Council and performing with his rock band to supplement his income, if not for the three-way race he won to become mayor.

Not only is it presumptuous to conclude that those who voted for Ms. Lansey would have voted for Ms. Jessamy, it is also disingenuous. Isn't it at least possible that at least some of those who voted for Ms. Lansey were motivated to vote against Ms. Jessamy and chose Ms. Lansey over Mr. Bernstein?

Bob Price, Lutherville

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