Hopkins needs metal detectors

I have been a patient at John Hopkins, and I have been there several different times due to my own mother having surgery, and I guess to hear a bad thing can make anyone snap if it is severe enough ("Fear strikes at Hopkins," Sept. 17). We as people know that a doctor can only perform surgery. He can't make miracles happen, unless sometimes unexplained things do and can occur.

I am hoping that the people who run the security there really look at all aspects of this entire day and just how it may have been avoided. I hope they install metal detectors and get some security with weapons in case of an incident like the one that happened here. I do believe it will make a huge difference. Yes, of course, it will be more money, but a life is more important than a buck.

I sincerely hope the surgeon will be OK, and we pray for his recovery and his family. Please look over what our society is and make some better changes in security and then it may make a whole lot of things in the future a lot safer for the doctors and nurses who save lives day in and day out.

Jacqueline Tracy

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