Sun fails to cover Orphans Court race

When I voted in the Democratic primary yesterday, I discovered to my dismay that there was a contested election for judge of the Baltimore City Orphans Court — five candidates (listed alphabetically) for three positions. Three of the candidates were incumbents, but which three?

I try to keep abreast of judicial "elections," the peculiar system in Maryland which requires sitting judges, who have been appointed after a thorough screening process, to then stand for election against any licensed attorney who cares to file for the position. I had searched recent issues of The Sun for information about contested judicial elections. There was an excellent op-ed ("Don't overlook Md.'s judicial elections," Sept. 7) by Donald C. Fry about the hazards inherent in this bizarre system — but nary a word about the contest for Baltimore City Orphans Court.

The election results were all too predictable: The first three candidates on the ballot won; two were incumbents. The third incumbent lost by virtue of his last name.

I am dismayed that The Sun, which I rely on for local news, failed to inform voters about an important contest in an upcoming election.

Judith A. Gottlieb, Baltimore

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