Showalter for governor

Thank you to The Sun for printing "Birds under Buck" each day showing the Orioles current winning percentage under manager Buck Showalter. It highlights the incredible performance of a team that was struggling so badly just a few short months ago. On June 30th, The Sun printed my letter imploring it to stop printing "The bottom line," which compared our 2010 Orioles with the worst teams in franchise and major league history. A stunning reversal of fortune has allowed The Sun to make this change.

Today's "Birds under Buck" displays a winning percentage of .615. Although it reflects only a quarter of our season, it is better than every major league team heading to the 2010 postseason. These are games against very tough competition, including an inordinate number against the American League East. So keep printing "Birds under Buck." It is a breath of fresh air for us loyal Orioles fans who have endured some brutal August/September finishes.

I know I won't be the only O's fan attending the September 14th game to pick up his Buck Showalter T-shirt. His leadership has been outstanding. Martin O'Malley? Bob Ehrlich? I'm voting for Buck.

Eugene Wu, Sparks

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