Age no reason to dump Della

As a senior citizen, I'm offended The Sun bases political endorsements on age and social media skills ("For Bill Ferguson," Sept. 9). In light of today's average life-expectancy, Sen. George Della's 67 years is no reason to put him out to pasture. He has served the community well and will continue to do so. Several years ago I had an issue involving the Maryland National Guard and was impressed by Senator Della's concern and input. Bill Ferguson is a terrific guy, no doubt, but just because he's 27 and Twitter savvy doesn't mean he's ready for the Maryland State Senate. I know The Baltimore Sun is chasing the city's younger demographic, but please don't use political endorsements to do it.

As far as education in District 46 is concerned, I've seen school reformers come and go, and still the schools are dismal. Unless the Baltimore school system gets serious and addresses real problems, it's unlikely anything will change — no matter what Bill Ferguson does or says.

I do not consider social media the Holy Grail of communication — it's a tool, nothing more. And if Bill Ferguson is engaged with endless Tweets about the minutiae of his day (as most using social media adherents are), he's wasting everyone's time. I don't care what he's had for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And poaching the name to send unflattering messages strikes me as unethical. Bill Ferguson is what they call a "domain squatter," and that's not flattering.

I am not involved with the state Senate campaign, and haven't been following it as my interests are with the Jessamy-Bernstein race. However, since the Baltimore Sun has relegated a non-Tweeting, non-Flickr-ing, FaceBook-challenged incumbent to the dinosaur graveyard, I think Senator Della will get my vote!

Roz Ellis-Heid, Baltimore

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