Sun gets illegal immigrant issue wrong

There are only two reasons I can think of for the ridiculous editorial in today's Sun regarding illegal immigrants ("Illegal immigrant disconnect," Sept. 8). Either The Sun is trying to stir up controversy or the editorial staff is completely oblivious to the issues caused by illegal immigrants.

So the Pew study mentions that the unemployment rate is higher for illegals than the national average of 9.5 percent. That's just great. It means we have well over 1 million unemployed illegal immigrants in this country. How do they feed themselves? Who pays for their medical bills? Who pays when one of them gives birth? I think we all know who does.

As for the illegal immigrants who have jobs, many are getting paid under the table, therefore not paying taxes. Although these may be lower paying jobs, The Sun often prints articles that reflect the exorbitantly high unemployment rate for young black males throughout the country. These are jobs they could easily fill. One has to have the opportunity to start somewhere and for each job held by an illegal immigrant that causes a U.S. citizen to be out of work is a crime, plain and simple.

The editorial uses the phrase "we are a nation of immigrants." This phrase is becoming tiresome when trying to justify the illegal immigrant problem we now face. We are all familiar with American history and sure, as our nation grew over the centuries, immigrants flocked to our shores. We welcome those who wish to come here and go through the process of becoming a U.S. citizen. Not those who choose to sneak across the border.

Lastly, the Sun's editorial staff needs a refresher math course as 11 million illegal immigrants out of our 308 million population equals about 3.6 percent, not a third of 1 percent as stated in the editorial.

Michael Summers, Marriottsville

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