An open letter to Glenn Beck

Pastor Beck,

Here's my take on Saturday's revival meeting in Washington D.C.: You never made your case.

At no time was it ever clear what you were trying to get across – not leading up to the revival or during the revival. I thought things might come together in the final production but it was not to be. And to have to tell people in follow-up programming what is was they had witnessed at the revival bears testimony to that observation. It's analogous to Fox News' claim of being 'fair and balanced" over and over again. Hopefully, people are smart enough to figure out for themselves what they're watching.

You were heavy on faith and honor, weak on hope and charity and generally trite and boring on all fronts. An orator, teacher – and now preacher – you are not. You appeared to be bewildered during the telecast and it rubbed off on your audience. A lot of people slept and yawned through the whole uninspiring performance. Earlier in the week, you even left Bill O'Reilly more confused than usual. He doesn't know what the heck you are talking about with this latest televangelism. Nor do the rest of us. Nor do we care. Any chance that your message would be received on TV went down the tubes with the first image of Rev. John Hagee's "happy face" sitting behind you. It was a humorous diversion throughout the entire telecast. Rev. Hagee – what a thoughtful and special touch!

Let me also suggest that your victory lap is a tad premature. You've been telling your viewers that "We've won. We've won." Nobody, not even the cast of thousands present at Saturday's revival, has a clue what that means. You're winking and smirking with yourself but we want in on the secret too. Please tell us all what "We've won." Is it behind Door One, Door Two or Door Three?

And finally, you should know how the rest of the world views you. You are seen as eccentric, immature, self-serving, histrionic, ego-centric, irrelevant and misdirected. There's a whole bunch more but I'll save it for another time.

You'd do well to confine your commentary to radio where people can't see you. You make a very curious visual impression.

Dale Swecker, Ellicott City

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