Personal wealth is Ehrlich's bottom line

I recently retired to the Outer Banks of North Carolina, but because I grew up in the Baltimore suburbs, I still have much family and a strong interest in my home state. I'm grateful to be able to keep abreast of the news by reading The Baltimore Sun online.

This past weekend I wasn't shocked when I saw how much money Bob Ehrlich has made since leaving public service four years ago ("Ehrlichs' earnings since 2007 nearly $2.5 million," Aug. 28). You can't fault Bob Ehrlich for this because there's nothing more American than making a quick buck.

However, it is obvious that Bob Ehrlich is treating Maryland as a revolving door so that he can increase his marketability for his future, private-sector job prospects. He has been campaigning on his desire to improve Maryland because of his love for the State, but over the last four years he didn't do one single thing to help make Maryland better.

Bob Ehrlich may claim he is fighting for Maryland, but he's fighting hardest for his own bottom line.

Gordon Paddy, Duck, NC

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