Hospital CEO pay shows weakness of free-market system

Won't wonders never cease, CEO's getting a big bulk of the money while the hospitals continue to harass people over unpaid bills ("Hospital CEO pay is sweet," Aug. 29). I know one family out here in Harford County that lost everything they had, including their home, because they couldn't afford a hospital bill of over $30,000, and then having to read that the CEO of that very same hospital pulled in $7 million a year, it sort of makes me wonder about the doctors' creed that they will do no harm.

Hospitals destroy people. It doesn't matter if the person lives or dies, it's seriously connected to the free market system that continues to rob and steal billions from the people and make life happy and sustainable for the rich and miserable and nerve-wracking for the poor and middle-class.

It also proves we in an era of an "Economic Dictatorship" where money is the only thing that means anything, and this so-called attempt to get huge profits in this time of a recession is working out perfectly fine for Wall Street and big Business and the banks, since they get to steal billions and take no accountability whatsoever for their actions, since they can always claim it's the risk in the markets that caused it.

It is also well known that huge companies don't even report anywhere near their actual profits to the public or the government. I say this because we figure out the cost of running a retail business that earns $110 billion in sales and reports a profit of a measly $10.5 million in profits. Come on, nobody is that stupid! Most of the public knows that 40 to 60 percent of all the real profits are simply never reported, and this includes hospitals too.

It bothers me to keep hearing that CEO's are the most brilliant minds in America. But I think they are the most perfect criminals on Earth, hiding behind a system that gets them all they want and even protects them when they manufacture recessions, product recalls and other huge business flops that keep the nation and the world totally off guard.

We are at the mercy of the free market system and the powerful CEO's who run it, in order to control both the political agenda as well as the masses who simply don't have the power or influence to stop it. And this long drawn-out recession is accurate proof of the power and greed behind the dictators who run Wall Street and the free market system, which keeps unemployment high, outsources jobs and destroys the very lives of those who struggle to make a decent life for themselves and their families knowing that any time the markets can crash and steal it all away.

Ken J. Bower, Edgewood

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