Praise for 'Poly, City' article

The Baltimore Sun continues to make a unique contribution to the regional community by highlighting important stories that would not appear elsewhere. The story "Poly and City under scrutiny" (Aug. 22) is an excellent example. Baltimore Polytechnic Institute and Baltimore City College are storied examples of just how good urban education can be.

Comparing each school's recent performance with that of two and three years back yielded a wake-up call for city educators that they seem to have heard well. Comparing APT scores with the best public high schools in the counties is helpful as well but perhaps less so than comparing Poly and City student performance with that of Baltimore City students who attend the private schools. The urban students that Poly and City would like to attract frequently attend the private schools for a variety of reasons, and enrolling some of these students in the future is part of the solution.

A. Brinton Cooper III, PhD., Poly '57, Bel Air

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