Ravens new autograph policy a joke

The Baltimore Ravens new autograph policy ("Young fans to the fore," July 28) is a joke. The rookie area was a much better way to ensure safety for the kids. Also, to say that there are only morning autographs is a lie.

We were there yesterday when Derrick Mason, Todd Heap, Terrell Suggs and Ray Rice signed autographs at 4 p.m. The kids were getting trampled and squished up to the fence with elbows in their faces as at least 500 people swarmed the fence. How is this a safer way to ensure kids are the priority?

I am not speaking on behalf of just my son, who was in a cast from post-op surgery while careless adults dropped the F-bomb and pushed him around, but all the other children who were there and had their hopes shattered as well as their feet so a 50 year-old man could have something signed to sell on eBay.

This is much more chaotic than in years prior and the Ravens need to figure this out fast. Injuries are to come.

Kids are not the priority here. Call them out!

Holly Riley, Fallston

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