Red line a badly needed economic boost

Michael Dresser's recent article entitled "Rally urges Red Line jobs for Baltimoreans" (Aug. 5) raises an important issue. As our regional and national economies continue their emergence from the depths of the Great Recession, we must focus on infrastructure projects that will promote large-scale job growth.

Clearly, the Red Line is a great example of such a project. Late last year, the University of Baltimore's Jacob France Institute conducted a study to determine the likely economic impact of the Red Line transit project. This study indicated that the construction of the Red Line would "generate a total of $2.1 billion in economic activity" for Baltimore City. Moreover, the project would create over 15,000 jobs and produce earning for these job-holders of over $775 million during the anticipated construction period.

In a time when jobs are still a commodity here in the Baltimore region, a project like the Red Line would serve as a welcome shot in the arm for the local economy. When people have jobs, are earning good wages, and can support themselves and their families, they in turn spend money that supports local businesses.

Jeffrey Smith, Nottingham

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