Republicans on SEC criticized for opposing Goldman Sachs punishment

As someone who had some great relationships with some elected Republican officials, it saddens me to finally realize that the Republican Party in this nation has been taken over by nut jobs. This realization hasn't occurred because of some rantings by some fringe person who might be a member of some fringe group. It comes after a decision by ostensibly the leadership of the national party. That being the leadership of the US Senate.

You see there are five members of the Securities and Exchange Commission. Presently that group has three appointees of the president and two members appointed by the leadership of the Republicans in the Senate. That commission just made a decision on the admitted wrongdoing by the Wall Street firm of Goldman Sachs.

Here is where the Republicans apparently went nuts. The two Republican members of that board voted not to punish these admitted wrongdoers over their fraudulent practices relative to the mortgage industry. The three Democrat members voted to fine Goldman $550 million dollars. The Republican members voted against that decision.

There was no written "minority " opinion. So the fact remains that these Republicans voted against punishing admitted wrongdoers from Wall Street. We can speculate one of two reasons. Either they didn't think they deserved any punishment or they thought the punishment was too lenient.

If they didn't think they deserved any punishment, my response is, "Really?" Which other admitted wrongdoers do they want to let off? Illegal immigrants? Terrorists?

If they think the punishment was too lenient, that doesn't match up. Because these same two members voted not to even hear this case on Goldman! To this. my response is, "Really? No, really?"

Again, these are not some fringe people without power. They are people on an important body, appointed by the leadership of the Republican Party. That party has apparently been taken over by the nut job fringe.

Mel Mintz, Pikesville

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