Obama right this time

As a veteran, I disagree with the letter "McChrystal's naïveté, Obama's thin skin." While President Obama has shown his thin skin on many occasions and has been unremarkably political when responding to detractors, in this case he got it right.

The military survives on chain of command. It serves no purpose for military commanders to publicly badmouth their civilian leaders, and in fact it serves to only create unrest within the rest of the military. Obama and Vice President Joe Biden were who they are long before the Rolling Stone interview took place, and they were duly elected by Americans to lead our military efforts abroad.

Did I agree with the choice? No. But the choice was made, and the military and its leadership must accept that and refrain from verbally and publicly insulting those leaders, particularly as the war is ongoing.

In addition to the importance of maintaining respect for the civilian leadership of the military, I would also point out that any general stupid enough to invite a Rolling Stone reporter along for the ride in a war theater lacks at least some allowance of common sense.

Michael DeCicco, Severn

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