Ehrlich was terrible for public transportation

I agree with the O'Malley campaign that Robert L. Flanagan was a terrible secretary of transportation for anyone who relies on public transit ("MARC debate grows heated," June 25). He not only actively ridiculed transit activists like myself but distinguished himself by seemingly not knowing where the light rail or subway went or when it was built. He wrote to this newspaper complaining that the extensions to Hunt Valley and BWI were unfunded projects that the Ehrlich administration was forced to comply with, when in fact the extensions were finished long before 2002 during the Glendening administration. Former Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. himself promised the Transit Riders League "innovations" in bus routing that would eradicate the need for a Red Line. Those "innovations" consisted of cutting bus service in Baltimore City. No high speed bus lanes were ever built to my knowledge.

As someone who has significant stakes in relying on transit (namely my wife and I buying a property purposefully near the light rail and both of us using the light rail and subway to commute), I am certain that another four years of Mr. Ehrlich will result in a similar defunding of public transit just at a point when peak oil will kick in, gas prices will double and everyone will be ruing the death of the proposed Purple and Red lines

Paul R. Schlitz Jr., Baltimore

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