Jenna Bush Hager deserves some special attention

And you wonder why the rest of the country calls Baltimore bush league, no pun intended. Here is young lady, daughter of a two-term president and granddaughter of a president, vice president, head of the CIA, Congressman and World War II Navy pilot hero who could be living in tall cotton in Texas (vs. crime city Baltimore) and teaching in an exclusive community. But she is here teaching inner-city kids in this cesspool city, and some people get bent out of shape because she got a little "extra" attention because she was robbed ("Jenna Bush burglary commands attention," June 24). Not like she was an O'Malley daughter found drunk at the Inner Harbor. The women is of substance and class.

This city is a joke. All bent out of shape about a 4-cent bottle tax to help avoid layoffs. What's 4 cents going to do, make a 70 cent Fanta orange 74 cents? Clowns in this dying city, now ranked 20th in population behind Memphis and Charlotte and soon to drop out of the top 20, are a national embarrassment!

A city full of scum and crime and murder should thank God every night that they have a Jenna Bush living and teaching in their schools.


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