Shame on The Sun for giving Abramoff attention

So, what we have here is Jack Abramoff, the disgraced convicted felon going from lying and cheating to selling pizza ("Jack Abramoff's new job: selling pizza, not influence," June 23). Now who say's crime doesn't pay? From $750 per hour to around $10 per is quite a fall from grace, or should I say disgrace.

Shame on the Baltimore Sun and Jean Marbella for even acknowledging this corrupt individual. Here is a man who defrauded thousands and ruined thousands more lives, and now he is paraded like a celebrity.

Yes, crime does pay, what did he do for all his evil? Barely served four years from an original disgracefully light seven year sentence. Poor Jack. His employer, Tov pizza's Ron Rosenbluth, says "Everyone deserves a second chance." Uh huh, just like the thousands of petty and not so petty thieves who are released into the streets each year with determination to make a good life only to find there are no pizza joints available to them for work or that they never learned a skill while in the prison?

Jack Abramoff received special treatment in and now out of prison. His release to a halfway house was quicker than a rabbit running a race. I am disgusted by what appears to be a classic case of cronyism. Oh, and look at the exposure and new business that will be generated by Rosenbluth's Tov pizzeria. Do I hear Cha-ching? What's next, Jean Marbella and the Sunpaper doing a piece on Bernie Madoff waiting tables upon his release because of health problems?

Bernard F. McKernan

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