Will I ever be able to enjoy the Gulf beaches?

I am a 13 year old girl, and when I am older, I would like for my kids to be able to go to the Gulf of Mexico without black oil taking over the water.

There was an explosion on a BP drilling rig, and the pipe broke. Oil just started pouring out into the ocean, and wouldn't stop. It has been letting oil into the ocean for almost two months now. They didn't take into consideration that if something went wrong, the whole Gulf could be affected and even businesses.

This situation with the oil spill makes me feel like something should've been done and that the government waited too long to fix it. An extremely large number of animals and people have been affected by this. Animals will come to shore covered in black from massive amount of oil. The beaches share the same trait, with the black washing up on shore, and turning the white sand black.

I have learned that from the Exxon Valdez oil spill of 1989, oil is still affecting the water today. This oil spill of 2010 is much larger than the 1989 spill, so I can infer that this oil spill will still be a problem in 30 years. The problem with this oil spill is that, oil is still spilling out of the pipe, and we cannot get it to stop. I believe this should not have happened.

Nicole Latgis

The writer is a student at North Harford Middle School.

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