Oil spill is the product of greed

Throughout the Gulf of Mexico, there are no more blue waters, no free moving animals — just black. Only oil, spilling out more each day, damaging everything, almost as if it was an underwater fire. Animals and plants are at risk more than ever, and who knows, maybe we are next.

Despite the efforts of BP, nothing is really helping to stop the oil for good. But, as people argue over whose fault the spill is, they could unite to end the spill. The government, BP officials and all other companies involved in the spill should set their perspectives straight and think of what is important now. Even though I may just be a rising 9th grader, it is obvious that we are only worried about money, since that's all that matters right? Wrong. There are people who have no money, who are happy with what they have while we are worried over money! I feel that right now money is honestly not an issue. Our issue is how we should stop the oil spill quickly and effectively.

This incident will stay with us forever, no matter how much money is made, or who is guilty, or who sees justice. Maybe the animals won't be saved by the time the court hearing is finished, so whose fault is that? We cannot spend time fighting when there is a problem to be solved. We could be affecting the lives of other generations yet to come. Our beaches might end up ruined if the current comes up the East Coast. I would like to continue to go to the beach with my family, or in the future with my kids and even with my grandkids.

Hopefully, the oil spill will be cleaned up, not only by BP, but by everyone who can help. There's no need to point fingers because nowadays almost every household or business uses oil. If we came together as one, the Gulf might not be black, and we could enjoy the beauty of the wildlife once again.

Bailey Saneman

The writer is a student at North Harford Middle School.

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