Obama was wrong to even consider expanding offshore drilling

First, there was Katrina, then Haiti, and now the oil spill. The world has been hit with many disasters; this being a huge man-made mistake, and it could have been prevented.

In many ways, I believe the spill is the fault of BP. They should have better prepared themselves for this. Yet again, I also believe this issue is in the hands of President Barack Obama. Since it has happened under his watch, it should partially be his responsibility to clean this mess up.

The ban on expanding offshore drilling was the right policy. But President Obama said this spring that he wanted to allow it. Now we have national crisis on our hands for generations to come. Think of all the ways industries will be devastated. The fishing industry will obviously be harmed, as prices sky-rocket up to record highs. Animals are dying, yet all BP worries about is the money they are losing. Tourism is also going to be harmed, as more and more oil ends up on our sunny beaches.

To sum it all up, BP needs to start worrying about our health and safety, as well as that of animals, and stop worrying about the health of their wallets. We're playing the blame game, instead of clogging up the pipe. Let's clean up the spill, fix this mess, and help the nation.

Owen Rogers

The writer is a student at North Harford Middle School.

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