Everyone can help with the oil spill

Oil is demolishing the oceans on the Gulf of Mexico. The BP oil spill is damaging our beautiful, clear waters. The once crystal waters are now getting black and greasy, yet we still aren't doing that much to prevent more oil from spilling. So government! Stop pointing fingers and trying to save money and just work together to stop this disaster! We need to use our money and resources for this worthy cause.

Just think of all of the poor, helpless animals dying at a steady, alarming rate! Even though I am just a 14-year-old student at North Harford Middle School, this is greatly affecting me. I have a passion for animals, and I love the beach. It is devastating for me to see the beaches getting defiled and animals dying at a constant rate. This will affect me for the rest of my life, my children's lives, and most likely my grandchildren's lives.

How is the government and BP not seeing the immensity of this problem?! Between 12,000 and 25,000 barrels a day of oil are escaping. This cracked pipe has been constantly leaking for about two months. The government and BP have tried about 100 prevention methods but none have been completely successful. The most recent one is drilling relief wells out of the leaking one to release the oil. It will take a while for them to finish putting them in though. Hopefully one of these methods will work, and hopefully one will work soon!

So all I am really asking of you is to please help me in my efforts to help them, whether it is sponsoring the animal rescue centers for the injured animals, donating money to help pay for ways to fix the pipe, or just praying for one of these ways to work! Another easy way for you to help is to buy Dawn dish soap, for every bottle so buy, $1 is donated to help saving the oil covered animals. Who knows? The black grease could very quickly slip into the coasts current and head up the East Coast and hit out beaches! That means no Chesapeake Bay crabs, or swimming in Ocean City! How awful would that be? If there is nothing you can do to help, keep your fingers crossed and just keep praying for BP to be able to fix their horrific mistake!

Carly Whittington

The writer is a student at North Harford Middle School.

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