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Why can't Israel defend its border?

Egypt has closed its border with Gaza and is building a 10 millimeter thick steel wall there to defend against Hamas. We hear no howls of outrage from the international community.

The U.S. has hundreds of miles of security fencing to keep illegal immigrants from crossing our borders. Hundreds of millions of our tax dollars pay for it.

China has a wall that is thousands of years old, originally built to defend her boundaries. We travel thousands of miles to walk on it.

Hamas is a declared terrorist group with a charter that calls for the destruction of the state of Israel. In the bloody 2006-2007 government transition in Gaza, Hamas brutally murdered hundreds of their fellow Palestinians and after a unilateral withdrawal by Israel and waged a two year campaign of 10,000 rocket and terrorist attacks against innocent Israeli men, women and children. No international uproar follows. No UN resolutions about human rights violations are passed.

Yet the world angrily and self-righteously labels Israel the aggressor when she defends her borders and her territorial waters against those who will callously use every weapon available (direct assaults and staged events) to achieve their clearly and publicly stated goal: a world without Israel.

No other country in the world has to defend its right to exist or its right to defend its borders. Why does the world require it of Israel alone?

Lee M. Hendler, Owings Mills

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