Ban guns in Baltimore

When will the people of Baltimore stand united together and demand that guns of all descriptions be banned from the city? After witnessing eight murders over Memorial Day weekend in a city of this size population, this is incredible. When is the elected political leadership going to have the will and verve to really stand up for the citizens of Baltimore?

Guns kill, and guns in the wrong hands of felons and erratic drug addicts kill multiple people. It is plain & simple, other countries that have banned guns don't have this problem.

Are we supposed to feel good about murders being down compared to last year? Go tell that to some mother whose son who is being buried today or tomorrow or next week. I presume it is political suicide to ask politicians to enact legislation banning all types of weapons, even for those who have legal permits. We really are doing a poor, poor job when 15 and 17-year-olds can obtain guns, as in the case of Lamont Davis, who was convicted last month of shooting a young girl in the street in broad daylight.

We all need to make a sacrifice in giving up the guns and tell the gun manufacturers to make another product because guns are not wanted here. It's better to make this sacrifice before we have to make the ultimate sacrifice. No excuses, no dirty money and no bad politics.

Bernard F. McKernan, Parkville

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