Green transportation is key

One of the most exciting aspects of the American Power Act introduced by Sens. John Kerry and Joe Lieberman ("Energy renewal?" May 13) was lost amid coverage of more controversial elements — the acknowledgement that clean transportation is central to addressing global warming. The bill would result in more electrified trains, low-emission buses and smart growth. It also encourages states and communities to plan for a more complete transportation network.

The bill as a whole needs improvement to remove the subsidies for fossil fuels and nuclear power. And stripping the EPA of authority to deal with global warming pollution is completely unacceptable. But the introduction of this bill moves the debate forward so that Congress can pass legislation to capitalize on new technologies to boost our economy at the same time that it addresses the biggest environmental problem of our time.

Thanks to Sen. Ben Cardin for helping to get the clean transportation provision into the bill by pushing for similar legislation during the past two years.

Brad Heavner, Baltimore

The writer is state director of Environment Maryland.

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