Obama's no honest broker on Israel

Your March 24 article, "Obama, Netanyahu, meet; minds don't," caught my attention because your writer used the term "Arab East Jerusalem" in referring to construction in Jerusalem.

There is no such thing as "Arab East Jerusalem." There is North, South, East and West Jerusalem, which is all a part of Israel. As Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in Washington recently, "Jerusalem is not a settlement." It is within Israel's borders, and Jewish and Arab citizens both are allowed to live and build in Jerusalem.

However, if an Israeli steps foot in Nablus, Ramallah or Gush Katif, Gaza (land Israel turned over to the Paletinian Authority for peace), they can be lynched and/or beaten to death. Here is the difference between Jerusalem and the lands the Arabs live in outside Israel's borders. Jerusalem is not disputed territory. It is a historic documented fact. Let's do away with all this misleading propaganda.

Liberated Jerusalem is Israel's capital and has been since the time of King David before there ever was any Arab people who call themselves Palestinians claiming that the Jews kicked them our of their fabricated country of "Palestine."

Looks like Obama and Bibi met physically, but not only don't their minds meet but neither does their ideology, be it Biblical or political. They just don't seem to share a common thread here. Why? Because it appears to me that my president only can bow to Saudi kings and dictators; President Obama refused to even have his picture taken with a real democratic ally like Prime Minister Netanyahu at the White House Tuesday. This is unprecedented in American history.

So how can our president be an objective, honest broker when it comes to Middle East foreign policy? Seems our president has a conflict of interest problem here too when his loyalty appears to obviously be more to another mindset of socialism and despots.

Barbara A. Bloom, Owings Mills

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