Time to stop putting off hard choices

Much thanks to Ron Smith for his article about New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's decision to stop putting off fixing the deficit ("A leader opts for painful honesty in the Garden State," March 5). With so many politicians trying to put off making hard decisions for someone else, it is great to see someone recognized for taking responsibility. Mr. Smith said that this is important and he's right. People might not like Mr. Christie for his decision, but a major reason for the recession we're in right now is that people spent money they didn't have. How long can the government keep doing the same thing?

The federal government is spending money it doesn't have to try to end a recession caused by people spending money they did not have! Does not this sound wrong? Our country needs more than $10 trillion to simply get out of debt. This is incredible! And yet when did you last hear a politician suggest actually cutting the budget? Apart from Mr. Smith's article I have never heard of a single politician who has suggested fixing this out of control spending.

Our country is $10 trillion in the red, and the deficit is growing. Despite this ominous figure, the politicians don't seem to care. This year's budget deficit alone is over $1 trillion. Eventually, someone is going to have to tell the truth, and no one is going to be happy about that. But if it is not fixed now, it will only get worse. However, there is a way to fix this problem. This is an election year. There are people like Governor Christie and U.S. Rep. Ron Paul who are willing to make the hard choices, but they have no power unless we elect them. If we really want to fix this problem, we have to elect leaders who are willing to make the hard decision for the good of our country.

Timothy Danchik

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