Ex-law school dean acted unethically at best

While all the facts are not clear in former University of Maryland School of Law Dean Karen Rosenberg's case, what is clear is that if a contractor had billed the University of Maryland for $60,000 for work that was never performed, prosecution for fraud would seem likely. Similarly, if the facts show Ms. Rosenberg took research grants (repeatedly) and never performed the required work, it seems prosecution for fraud should be considered. The last thing the UM law school needs is a professor and ex-dean who has cheated the university.

Even if she is found innocent of criminal acts, it seems her apparent unethical behavior raises serious doubts as to whether this is the type of person the university wants teaching law students. In my opinion, allowing her to repay the $60,000 is not nearly enough to settle this issue to the satisfaction of UM supporters and Maryland taxpayers.

Noel D. Matchett, Ellicott City

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