What does rioting in Chile say about human nature?

Your March 2, front page article "Mayhem in Post-Quake Chile," with the sad picture of a devastated mother and child and cover story about the 720 killed, rampant looting and overall devastation caused by the earthquake, was certainly heart wrenching and calls our attention to the terrible suffering of others. But how can America continue with more foreign aid when so many of our tax dollars have already been used for the people hit by the Haiti earthquake and at a time when our own economy is crashing down on us?

When I read about the looters I couldn't believe that they would torch a shopping center. And why would they attack the firefighters and city workers attempting to distribute water and food to them? In Chile it appears that the unrest and stress caused by this earthquake is certainly not bringing out the best in people but the worst. I know there is an understandable feeling of desperation, but in order to survive there needs to be some sound contemplation on the importance of a united effort to work together, not turning against each other, especially, those who are trying to help.

The looters were reported to be moving in "organized packs" for even more mayhem and destruction. What does this say about human nature? One thing it seems to say is: Money alone will not be the only answer to solve the problem of these terrible tragic earthquakes.

Maybe we should be asking ourselves why the earth is exploding and erupting with so much anger? Is there something we are doing wrong to cause nature to strike out in such a fatal way against mankind?

Barbara A. Bloom, Owings Mills

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